ICANN News Alert -- Status Update: IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process Implementation

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Oliver, your comments about the sydney meeting sounds very strange to me. I have not heard any staff member suggest that icann forms a working group on this subject. It would be inappropriate. Please let me know directly who at icann staff have made such suggestion!

I have always represented the latest status from this mailing list at every meeting I have been at. Lately that has been the same as what Vint just replied to this thread + the fact that icann currently is expecting to be able to use the revised idna protocol and hence the new pvalid chars will be in function. This also with a warning that browsers etc needs updating before they are usable.


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Shiva wrote:

I wish to request a summary from IETF for the purpose of reporting to ALAC and to the at-Large structures through the RALOs about the status of completion of technical tasks related to IDN implementation. IETF has done exhaustive work in this area and at-Large has been informed about the recent internet drafts https://st.icann.org/idn-policy/index.cgi?at_large_idn_policy

Could I just emphasize Shiva's point and urge for some kind of summary to be drafted if possible ? Apart from a select number of people at ICANN who follow the IETF process first-hand, very few are aware of the great progress that has been made. In the last ICANN Sydney conference, questions were asked at the GNSO but also at the GAC and nobody had authoritative answers. The response was more among the lines of "we'll put together a working group to find that out" rather than a direct pointer to a document. Time consuming, but also frustrating, to say the least...

Is this something that's workable?

Kind regards,

(ISOC England, but also EURALO Board :-) )

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD
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