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> Date: October 14, 2009 5:28:06 PM EDT
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> Subject: [Idna-arabicscript] IGF 2009: Arabic Scripts Workshop  
> planning
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> Dear ASIWG:
> The IGF 2009 organizing committee has approved a proposal for ASIWG  
> to host a workshop at the upcoming IGF meeting in Sharm al Sheikh  
> (Egypt), titled: “Arabic Script IDNs: Challenges and  
> Solutions.”  (See description below).  We intend to primarily draw  
> from the corpus of work already done in the ASIWG, including the  
> most recent Jordan meeting.
> This session is now scheduled for 16 Nov 2009, in a set of two  
> contiguous workshops on multilingualism in cyberspace.  Our dear  
> friend Andrea Baccali from UNESCO is hosting a session that either  
> precedes or succeeds our session, titled a best practice forum on  
> multilingualism in cyberspace.  Manal & Sarmad are confirmed  
> speakers into the ASIWG panel.
> This email is an open invitation to ASIWG members who plan on being  
> in Sharm al Sheikh, to speak up now so we can consider including you  
> in this panel.
> Details of the ASIWG workshop at IGF 2009:
> Arabic Script IDNs: Challenges and Solutions
> The workshop aims at discussing:
> o The need and importance of cooperation & collaboration among the  
> different language communities sharing the same language/script,
> o The approach followed by ASIWG in problem solving,
> o Policy considerations and criteria set by ASIWG for decision-making,
> o Technical challenges and possible solutions, as well as
> o Outreach to other Arabic-script-based languages
> The Arabic Script IDN Working Group (ASIWG) is a self-organizing  
> group that consists of parties interested in the implementation of  
> Arabic script in Internationalized Domain Names. The group, so far,  
> discusses Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Sindhi and Jawi languages with  
> representation from gTLD registries, ccTLD registries, technical and  
> academic experts as well as representatives of different relevant  
> organizations.
> ASIWG’s main objectives are:
> o Developing a common Arabic script table,
> o Compiling the Arabic script variant table(s) across Arabic-script- 
> based languages, and
> o Providing recommendations with regards to the use of Arabic script  
> in IDN ccTLDs as well as IDN gTLDs.
> Please let me know by October 23 if you plan to attend IGF2009, and  
> if you have time and the interest to participate in the session.   
> Note that many folks have to apply for a visa etc. to go to Egypt,  
> so prior planning is essential.
> Thanks,
> Ram
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