RTL labels and numbers?

Abdulrahman I. ALGhadir aghadir at citc.gov.sa
Wed Oct 14 10:57:54 CEST 2009

Well as I stated before this issue can be solved and registry can have
control over this problem a simple solution will be like this:
If someone wants to register ex. 3COM (when COM is RTL string) a
registry will do this:

1) register 3COM to the user.
2) lock COM3 to be registered.
3) lock all <digit>COM to be registered.

Well this solution might work to solve this problem.
And user will have the choice to have <digit>COM , COM<digit> as

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> 1)      Act same as what the protocol do now (preventing all
> domains which start with digits).
> 2)       Register domains which start with digits and lock the
> same domain which end with digits and the opposite.

As I think Andrew pointed out, the presence of DNAMEs in the DNS
makes the second option infeasible-- registries have no real
control over the labels that may appear in a domain name other
than those that they, themselves, are registering into zone


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