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OED does not have homoglyph. It has homograph, in a very short  

    1. (See quot. 1823.) Obs.

1810 J. SPRATT in Nicholson's Jrnl. XXV. 325 (title) Invention of a  
Homograph, or Method of Communication by Signals, on Sea or Land.
1823 CRABB Technol. Dict., Homograph (Mil.), a sort of telegraphic  
signals performed by means of a white pocket handkerchief.
     2. Philol. A word of the same spelling as another, but of  
different origin and meaning.

1873 F. HALL Mod. Eng. 170 Homographs, identical to the eye; as base,  
bore, dun, their various senses.

See as well as

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