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Wed Oct 7 14:30:06 CEST 2009

Hi Cary

So the description I gave for Homoglyph, "same shape", was fairly accurate!

Wrt to OED vs Wikipedia, as this enquiry was specifically targeted at
facilitating the translation industry, OED is more appropriate. I wouldn't
use Wikipedia as a terminology resource within our translations for Welsh
Assembly Government.

However, I am sure that it won't take long for Homoglyph to be added to the
OED (if indeed it isn't already - I don't have the latest copy).

Thanks for the insight.

Best regards


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> Quoting Debbie:
> > Within translation new terminology can create problems.  I think I
> > would advise to change to a term that can at least be found
> in the OED
> > giving translators a chance of finding an equivalent.
> The homoglyph/synoglyph terminology was adopted by an ICANN
> working group entirely separate from the IDNA w.g.. It is
> being used in their context as an intermediate expedient to
> clarify the group's own thinking, with the intention of
> jettisoning all such high-falutin' verbiage in the final
> documentation.
> Except for the present exchange, I wasn't aware that there
> had been any leakage outside that limited scope. But as long
> as that cat now appears to be out of the bag, the warrant for
> homoglyph/synoglyph was taken from the Wikipedia article
> Which, dare I say it,
> is likely to be a more frequently referenced source by our
> target audience than is the OED.
> /Cary
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