Consensus Call on Latin Sharp S and Greek Final Sigma

Mark Davis ☕ mark at
Sun Nov 29 18:35:23 CET 2009

(2) Both characters should be DISALLOWED
I think the way the question is phrased may mislead some people on this
list.* The *real* choice is between having them mapped to "ss" vs having
them distinguished from "ss", because all browser vendors are planning to
provide mappings, and I think all other vendors will be drawn down that
path, for compatibility with the browsers.

This standard is not written in a vacuum; whether or not eszett and
final-sigma would have been a better choice 7 years ago, billions of current
browsers and other programs use the 2003 policies, and those would take
years to change. In the meantime, a change of this magnitude from 2003 will
cause significant problems.

The people on this list need to carefully consider their positions, since
they will not have to live with the compatibility and security problems;
German and Greek speakers will. And it is telling that representatives like
the German and Austrian NICs are in favor of continuing the 2003 policies of
mapping the characters.

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