IDNAbis spec

Gihan Dias gihan at
Wed Nov 4 16:16:16 CET 2009

2009-11-04 ප.ව. 8:20 දින, Vint Cerf ලිව්වා:
> there is no way to guarantee this uniformity; nor was the WG able to 
> define every possible case in which problems would arise. The range of 
> possibilities is too great given the huge number of new symbols 
> introduced by IDNA. This was debated extensively during the last 2 
> years and that is the working group consensus as I see it.

I understand.

My point is that if the WG was unable to reach a consensus, then  
registrars would not be able to do so either, so what we'll have is an 
"anything goes" situation.

At the least, we (software developers, sys admins, website owners, 
advertising companies, users, etc.) need to be aware of the problems.



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