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I'd just like to state that I agree with this direction.  I have a comment about a point, but I'll disambiguate that from the "confirming consensus" thread :)

This is the 2nd mail asking for confirmation of this direction, but there's been very little discussion.  What is needed to enshrine this as the planned direction?


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Mark Davis has already sent out a brief note outlining a consensus
reached in the IETF 74 meeting.

In rough terms, the idea is to continue to revise and finalize the
IDNA2008 documents and to add to them a mapping function for look up

1. Use the IDNA2008 document set as the base
2. Do NO MAPPING in the registration phase of IDNs
3. Apply an IDNA2003-like mapping function on lookup for compatibility
with IDNs previously registered under IDNA2003 rules

The WG now needs to specify:

1. what set of characters will be mapped and into what?
2. When will this mapping function be applied

The current protocol spec has an appendix in which a two-lookup method
is suggested. If an non-mapping look up fails, then the IDNA2003-like
mapping function would be applied and another look up attempted. there
are other possible implementations, of course.

This note is to confirm online the consensus reached at IETF74 to move
along these lines.

WG members and document editors are encouraged to elaborate on this
proposal and to attempt to reach closure expeditiously.


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