consensus Call: TATWEEL

Waleed Oransa woransa at
Wed Mar 25 09:36:56 CET 2009

I vote with Yes for disallow Tatweel

and if possible a recommendation that browsers removed the Tatweel from the
domain name and then send it without it.

So if Tatweel is used as in the following:  الجــــزيرة .. it should be
changed to الجزيرة automatically by the browser.

The reason for disallowing Tatweel (beside what already mentioned by others)
that Tatweel has no phonetic, so if we have a word that doesn't
contain Tatweel and another one contains Tatweel, both words will have the
same pronunciation.

Waleed Oransa
IBM Egypt

On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 7:03 PM, Harald Alvestrand <harald at>wrote:

> YES (ie make it DISALLOWED)
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