Change requests to the table document -- pass them to me please!

JFC Morfin jefsey at
Tue Mar 24 18:32:00 CET 2009

your tables are of the essence. Actually, IDNA should only be made of 
comments (and of an update process) around your tables, and published 
a long ago. The rest is unfortunate  delaying confusion. However, as 
long as that confusion is not cleared (and possibly the description 
of the tables stabilized) one cannot discuss them.
The current discussion and consensus sounds as an I-D violation to me 
but I may be wrong?

Now, in terms of comments, I asked for an IGNORED class.

At 18:03 24/03/2009, Patrik Fältström wrote:
>I made a statement at the wg meeting this morning claiming I have not
>seen any comments on the -tables- document the "the last 5 months",
>and that I was a bit disappointed on that as I have the feeling given
>the discussion on the mailing list in fact discuss many things that
>are related to the document.
>I checked my email archive, and I can see that I have got one comment
>and request of a change from Mark Davis, last weekend, regarding the
>formatting of the lists of individual codepoints (specifically
>Exceptions), and I agreed on trying to make things more clear.
>I also see that the last round of large changes was made end of
>December 2008, which is not five, but three months ago, but between
>then and now, I can not see more change requests.
>Mark, you said you have sent requests for changes that you have not
>heard back on...if so, of course I have made a mistake, and I urge you
>to resend those change requests.
>Mark also pointed out that we have no implementation of the regular
>expressions. I do have a 50% implementation already, and so far I see
>no problems with it. I hope to be ready this week, and will most
>certainly be ready before last call of the document (specifically as
>slow as this wg moves forward ;-) ).
>That people have not read the tables document lately because of larger
>issues being discussed in the wg I completely understand, but...I hope
>like everyone else that things will be better shortly.
>    Patrik
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