Eszett and IDNAv2 vs IDNA2008

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Fri Mar 20 01:58:16 CET 2009

there is no need to introduce a mess in the DNS which uses LDH 
labels, to support IDNA which should permit what-you-want-entries.

The "only" problems are absolutely not DNS problems :
- there is no presentation layer to differentiate between the codes 
of the entries (architecture)
- there is only one code which does not match all the specfic needs 
(choice of published Unicode)

- the "x.--" permits to define some kind of presentation layer that 
can be supported through IDNA
- there can be different code adaptations. "xn--" being the IDNA2008 
default adaptation. "xs--" being the case-sensitive adaptation.

Due to the punycode algorithm capacities, the only remaining need is 
for this WG to decide and publish something. Then concerned users 
will adapt and start deploying a test that linguistic communities may 
test to get experience.

Now, you may want to have Unicode directly in Domain Name. But, then 
you have a domain name layer violation: you cannot adapt on an "x.--" 
basis. You have to create and get supported a new Unicode for each 
culture that need some specifc use of Unicode.

Or develop a brand new system.

At 00:22 20/03/2009, Peter Dambier wrote:

>John C Klensin wrote:
> >
> > You will never get case-sensitivity with ."fra" in the DNS
> > unless your intention is to provide an equal-opportunity mess by
> > encoding everything with a prefix, including basic (undecorated)
> > Latin characters.  That encoding can't be Punycode, since it
> > won't encode those basic Latin characters.
> >
>John, don't forget most of us are not us-ascii writers and I guess
>most of us don't even use latin at all.
>UTF-8 is a mess, UTF-16 is an excuse and the world really is UTF-32.
>Bind e.g. can do UTF-32.
>Whether windows or IE can do UTF-32 does not matter. The chinese
>will replace it sooner or later with something better.
>Try and compare correct implementation
>and buggy appache stating always UTF-8
>it is the same text trying ISO, UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 with
>both big-endian and littel-endian versions.
>We do have the bandwidth. We can use UTF-32.
>UTF-16 might be favouring the chinese but UTF-32 is same trouble
>for everybody.
>Ok the site is about presentation and html. Bind is binary. It
>does not care what code you feed it but you probably have to
>implement the IDNS-patch to make it forget folding cases.
>Interestingly enough IE can do UTF-32 but Chrome and Safari, both
>on Windows XP - complained.
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