Eszett and IDNAv2 vs IDNA2008

Peter Dambier peter at
Fri Mar 20 00:22:52 CET 2009

John C Klensin wrote:

> You will never get case-sensitivity with ."fra" in the DNS
> unless your intention is to provide an equal-opportunity mess by
> encoding everything with a prefix, including basic (undecorated)
> Latin characters.  That encoding can't be Punycode, since it
> won't encode those basic Latin characters.

John, don't forget most of us are not us-ascii writers and I guess
most of us don't even use latin at all.

UTF-8 is a mess, UTF-16 is an excuse and the world really is UTF-32.

Bind e.g. can do UTF-32.

Whether windows or IE can do UTF-32 does not matter. The chinese
will replace it sooner or later with something better.

Try and compare correct implementation

and buggy appache stating always UTF-8

it is the same text trying ISO, UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 with
both big-endian and littel-endian versions.

We do have the bandwidth. We can use UTF-32.

UTF-16 might be favouring the chinese but UTF-32 is same trouble
for everybody.

Ok the site is about presentation and html. Bind is binary. It
does not care what code you feed it but you probably have to
implement the IDNS-patch to make it forget folding cases.

Interestingly enough IE can do UTF-32 but Chrome and Safari, both
on Windows XP - complained.

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