Eszett and IDNAv2 vs IDNA2008

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It also seems relevant to note again that http is not the only protocol that will need DNS lookups ao we should not allow browser behavior to dictate the choices. V

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Quoting Erik:

> If HTML implementations start performing multiple lookups, we will
> probably start to see Web sites that take advantage of the new xn--
> names, and they may not bother with any bundling, since the browser is
> performing multiple lookups.

I don't understand how the HTML implementation determines what happens
when one name in a registered bundle is called. Doesn't that depend
entirely on how the holder of the bundle configures the HTTP server to
which the names are directed?

In fact, one of the registry headaches that tends to dampen enthusiasm
for bundling, is the need for name holders to understand that they have
to direct, by serverside configuration, all of the non-canonical forms
of a name to the single preferred form -- assuming that there is one
(c.f. John's remarks).

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