Try your Eszett

Peter Dambier peter at
Sat Mar 7 15:26:46 CET 2009

Sorry if I am a bit beside my shoes - or off topic.

I have prepared a littel test for your browser

ISO-8859-15  	2681 bytes
UTF-8 		2709 bytes
UTF-16 		5372 bytes
UTF-16-BE 	5386 bytes
UTF-16-LE 	5386 bytes
UTF-32-BE 	10722 bytes
UTF-32-LE 	10722 bytes

It is the same text in 7 codings.

Just for fun you can see that very same example on

but here our appache keeps telling you everything
is UTF-8 although it is not.

Not all browsers / operating systems will show all
of them.

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