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Sat Mar 7 08:06:24 CET 2009

[I'm currently reading backwards through the recent IDN postings
after a period of having been very busy otherwise.]

At 03:46 09/03/06, John C Klensin wrote:

>(3) Keep mapping out of IDNA2008 entirely, but treat it as a
>part of IRI -> URI transformation, with only A-labels in URIs
>and the mapping conventions potentially protocol-dependent.

I will have to look at this proposal in detail.

>FWIW, only the third of these avoids the need for any discussion
>with the IESG, discussion that might or might not require a full
>rechartering exercise and even more delay.  Getting this right
>is, IMO, more important than the risk of a little [more] delay,
>but the delays are really getting painful.

I would very much like to stress that getting things right
is more important than taking an easy way out re. chartering
and dumping the problems on others without any idea of whether
and how that might work out.

Regards,    Martin.

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