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2009/6/29 Andrew Sullivan <ajs at shinkuro.com>

> On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 12:34:47AM +0200, Marie-France Berny wrote:
> > - ecole.fra
> > - école.fra
> > - Ecole.fra
> >
> > These are three French orthotypographies of three different semantics
> which
> > may relate to three different IP addresses. How do you propose to support
> > them ?
> Please don't hijack this thread.


The mapping of lower-case non-ASCII characters with respect to upper-case
> apparently-ASCII characters is _not_ the same question as the effects of
> lower- and upper-case ASCII across the U-label/A-label boundary.

I am sorry. I have not the slightest idea of what you are talking about. I
read an attempt to come to a quick conclusion regarding punycode and where
to carry mapping. Or am I wrong?

I am not competent enough (may I remind you that .fra project managers are
not on this list anymore) to ask anything else that: how this may affect me
as a French writing Internet user. To ask it the more clearly possible I
quote he case this WG collectively identfied as being the simplest example
of my need.

I think the answer to your question has already, previously, been provided.
>  The answer is that what you would like is effectively impossible at the
> global level,

As far as I understand, there is one clarification missing. It is what do
you define as "global" in here. Are French (and possibly Persian, and
probably many others...) included?

> and if you think the answer as to how to do it is obvious then I think you
> and I have a very different idea of how DNS works and what IDNA2008 is
> aiming to accomplish.

This is what I try to determine. Sorry for being clumsy about it.

Let understand me. My colleagues claim to stick to the Internet architecture
as it actually exists and to the charter as it is written. I saw them
supporting my need without any change to the Internet. Just in adding a
prototype software to my machine. They explained me that this should work
globally (I understand "global" as the whole world diversity in terms of
languages and usages, i.e. protocols for you). They also explained me that
project ".fra" will respects ICANN test-bed requirements and IDNA
interoperability as long as the Charter is respected.

However, they are concerned because identified others might come with a
complete product and operational service without such a prior testing.

As a user I will pick what is best serving me and sounds proven enough. My
side question to this Wil/Vint concepts only is: will it still be the case?

Marie France Berny
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