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Le 23 juin 2009 14:24, Stéphane Lancel <stelancel at gmail.com> a écrit :

> I have updated the http://wikidna.org/index.php?title=IDNA_definitionspage with the new text of John.
> Stéphane.

Thank you! The best would be to amalgamate all the language support oriented
definitions in a single ontology that could be kept updated along the
project/rfc variations. Elisabeth suggested that?

I have asked JFC if I could help reviewing the Interplus/Internet Plus
documents so we could start building on ML-DNS for the semantic addressing
for .fra. He said he is right now overwhelmed by his support of his seek
parents. He proposed a meeting in Paris on the July 7+ week over the whole
"Project .FRA" intertest. I will not be able to make it. Who could attend ?

He suggests that we put a general presentation together that we could
forward to IAB and Francophonie authorities (in addition to the document
sent three weeks ago). The question is who could do that and what is the
best approach (bottom up, top down, systemic?).

I understand that Project FRA is staffing a little bit. They still look for
one or two developpers to complete and deploy tests. This might help many to
better understand how they could at last use or get rid of IDNA.

Marie-France Berny
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