Cary Karp ck at
Tue Dec 29 16:36:17 CET 2009

> the problem at hand: to help ICANN sorting out IDNA2008 correctly,
> transitionning from IDNA2009 so we can document some stable IDNA2010.

I am unaware of any activities being conducted by either the IETF or 
ICANN that they are labeling IDNA2009 and IDNA2010.

> This WG/Chair has proposed Tina and Cary to take the lead for the
> transition. They are to explain us how and where. Cary promised it

ICANN's IDN Guidelines must, of necessity, provided recommendations 
about the transition from IDNA (aka IDNA2003) to IDNABIS (aka IDNA2008) 
the final details of which, despite your assertion to the contrary, are 
still pending. My understanding of the Chair's proposal was that our 
working group has no need to address transitional issues separately, and 
that the Guidelines group is the appropriate forum for their further 

> All of us only need they do it in an ICP-Draft. Otherwise we will have 
> to do it without them. This would be too bad.

Saying this for the last time -- I am a member of the Guidelines group 
and have no special authority in or over it. I do, however, hold the pen 
on the text it produces, and under the terms that I have already 
described here, am prepared to ensure that the Guideline's group's 
consideration of transitional matters is informed by the IDNA2008 w.g.'s 

I'm not quite sure how you intend to make making binding recommendations 
to the gTLD and other participation registries that bypass the 
Guidelines, but will thank you not to instruct me about "all I need to 
do" to have you refrain from undertaking such action.


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