An idea for transition principles

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at
Mon Dec 14 20:53:08 CET 2009

 > I think trying to schedule an Internet-wide deadline across all
 > registries would be very difficult.

Independent of the utility of the proposal, such a coordination 
attempt would be within the scope of the JIG, and while some 
registries are not JIG participants, e.g., .mil, and some might, as 
the Conficker .C experience showed, be technically or administratively 
challenged by the coordination requirements, the degree of cooperation 
that may be achieved may be significant.

So if, as part of some multi-day "flag day", which is what 
"transitions" sometimes amount to, wide-spread cooperation among 
registries is beneficial, and it is important to be informed by the 
Conficker .C experience -- a problem in one name space should not 
create cost to an uninvolved registry operator, then it can be attempted.

The JIG is an attempt, still in the proof-of-concept phase, of 
cooperation between gTLD and ccTLD operators attempting to embark on 
IDN offerings in the IANA root.


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