Another Transition Plan Proposal

Cary Karp ck at
Fri Dec 11 18:39:28 CET 2009

>> Why is it reasonable for the German Chapter of the International
>> Federation of Podiatrists to forgo their preferred name in .GTLD because
>> it was automatically given to the American Fussbudget Society?
> Because in hindsight we made an error in defining IDNA2003 and are now 
> trying to fix it.

Given the alternatives of propagating that error in perpetuity or accepting some transient discomfort to set it right, 
I'm disheartened by the way people are leaping at the former without the prior determination of the quantitative extent 
of the latter.

>> Manual sunrise increases the number of potentially satisfied customers.
>> Gratuitous burn-and-bury bundling reduces it.
> True. If we were proposing a transition plan for a large number of 
> characters, this argument would carry more weight. But we aren't.

Here's another thing that seems to require repeated emphasis. We are not internationalizing the namespace to suit the 
convenience of zone administrators. The beneficiaries are the many language communities that are inadequately served by 
a US-ASCII-only repertoire.

> And "gratuitous" is begging the question.

"Begging the question" correctly designates a situation where the point to be proved is asserted as true in the 
statement of the initial premise. The way the potential harm to be done by the introduction of the ß is presented here 
is a pretty good illustration of that logical fallacy.


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