Another Transition Plan Proposal

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at
Fri Dec 11 01:07:05 CET 2009

Cary Karp wrote:
> The gTLD registry constituency, which is both all-inclusive and bound by 
> ICANN's IDN guidelines, is preparing a joint statement about this. (We

I suppose I simply must point out that the RyC (or RySG) does not 
include registry operators, except those which happen to also be 
parties to registry contracts.

So Verisign, as operator, is in.
As is NeuStar, as operator,
As is Afilaias, as operator.

The remainder of the members of the RySG are not operators and simply 
cannot act on operational issues, except through their respective 
registry operator.

So, the parties calling the shots are VGRS, and ... well, the .biz and 
the .info operators.

> don't need to hold our breath in anticipation of it including a request 
> for one-size-fits-all guidance in matters that the individual gTLD 
> registries have felt comfortably able to deal with all along.)

Historically they have opposed any policy but FCFS, and if that leads 
to a happy plethora of odd characters, and it has, that's their policy 

The problem about which this set of threads has revolved around is not 
present in several gTLD name spaces, where FCFS does not completely 
describe the registration policy.


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