Another Transition Plan Proposal

Paul Hoffman phoffman at
Fri Dec 11 01:11:15 CET 2009

At 3:07 AM +0330 12/11/09, Alireza Saleh wrote:
> > Phase 1: registries in the five key areas (Germany, Switzerland,
>> Austria, Greece and Cyprus) are requested to go through their
>> registrations and create secondary registrations for all sharp-S and
>> final-sigma variants, registered at no cost to the same registrants. (In
>> other words, bundling.) Other registries are encouraged to do this also,
>> but the plan only really depends on the cooperation of those five.
>I think making bundle on already registered domains is not a good idea
>because consider I had registered the following label :

Maybe we can add "where sensible" to the transition proposal. Few domain names (if any) will have more than two sharp-s characters, and few (if any) will have more than two final sigmas.

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