Another Transition Plan Proposal

Alireza Saleh saleh at
Fri Dec 11 00:39:29 CET 2009

Alireza Saleh wrote:
>> Phase 1: registries in the five key areas (Germany, Switzerland, 
>> Austria, Greece and Cyprus) are requested to go through their 
>> registrations and create secondary registrations for all sharp-S and 
>> final-sigma variants, registered at no cost to the same registrants. (In 
>> other words, bundling.) Other registries are encouraged to do this also, 
>> but the plan only really depends on the cooperation of those five.
> I think making bundle on already registered domains is not a good idea 
> because consider I had registered the following label :
> "abcßßßßabcßßß"
> How does the registry should apply bundling on this label ? the outcome of the bundling function can be 2power7 domains. It is impossible(IMHO). I think it is better for registries  to apply the IDNA2003 mapping on every domain which is requested for registration and then the output of that mapping should be tested against the already registered domain within the registry database. If there is a match then the registry should restrict that registration only to the holder of the domain who already had variant domain. 
> - Alireza
I forgot to say that this restriction is only for the transitional period.


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