Sharp-S and Final Sigma Consensus Call Results

Vint Cerf vint at
Wed Dec 9 10:08:43 CET 2009

Attached is a PDF of the spreadsheet I maintained during the past  
week's discussions. If you detect errors or omissions, kindly advise.

It is also important to note that the Unicode Technical Committee  
responded to a formal request for their opinion that Sharp-S and Final  
Sigma should be PVALID

On the basis of this information, I think we have rough consensus in  
the IDNABIS Working Group that Sharp-S and Final Sigma should be made  

The consensus call did not refer to the joiner/non-joiners and I  
continue to believe that the WG has long since concluded these should  
stay in CONTEXTJ

With regard to transition, there is considerable diversity among the  
WG as to preferences. In an absolute sense, the specification of a  
protocol (the set of proposed RFCs developed during IDNABIS WG effort)  
is independent of its introduction, so it might be argued that the WG  
does not need to specify an adoption or transition plan. As a  
practical matter, of course, something has to happen for the results  
to get into use.

Perhaps a small step forward would be for the editor of Rationale to  
make reference to the need for operators (I use this term in its most  
general sense to include registries, registrars, makers of software  
that rely on the DNS, etc) to assess their adoption plans in the  
context of an environment that includes a mix of IDNA2003 and IDNA2008  
"speakers" for a period of time likely to be measurable in years.

I will try to produce a possible transition synthesis drawn from  
various suggestions in the WG discussion on transition - however, that  
will take another couple of days as I am tied up with all-day meetings  
today and tomorrow.

This message, however, is intended to convey to the WG and the AD that  
the chair believes we have rough consensus on making Sharp-S and Final  
Sigma PVALID in IDNA2008.

Vint Cerf

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