IDNA2003/2008 transition

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at
Wed Dec 9 03:05:41 CET 2009

mr. brottier,

as a slightly coordinated series of assumptions, communicating through 
one or more character repertoires, attempting, through a variety of 
personal, institutional, and technical handicaps, the idna activities, 
as implemented by registries, and as implemented by browser vendors, 
occasionally communicating, is not usefully modeled as a dynamical 
system, that is, as measure preserving transformations on a measure 
space with an invariance property in the sense of birkoff and von neuman.

your direct cite to rene thom's ouvre is meaningless.

your indirect cite to hausdorff dimension ("fractal") is also meaningless.

you direct cite to minkowski spacetime is ... an invitation to ask 
what in heavens name a lie group has to do with state machines 
awkwardly churning their way through statefull, or stateless, 
character encodings concatenated as strings?

i don't think you come from outer space, but you do win the weirder 
than {elizabeth blanconil, ... [sock puppets], ... jefsey} 
competition. of course, this competition is still open, so you may not 
claim the highest marks in ... learning avoided.

who was your thesis advisor?


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