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I think that's true for all 4 characters.  I don't think we can disallow them.

Note that ZWJ/ZWNJ can be used in a link in IDNA2003, but they're mapped to nothing, so the address bar will likely look funny, though you can still get to a server.  I'm not saying that's good behavior, but I suppose it's better than nothing.  I'm also not trying to suggest it doesn't need fixed, it is clearly a big display problem that should be addresses as soon as practical.

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> There is no new value called TRANSITIONAL. The infamous 4 characters
> (above) start with the value DISALLOWED. Later, we change them to
> PVALID (or CONTEXTJ for 200C/200D).

Before reverting to IDNA2003 level lack of support for these characters, do re-consider why the status of these characters (ZWNJ and ZWJ) have been changed in Idnabis process: these characters are required for writing IDNs for a billion people in South Asia and beyond.

Having them as DISALLOWED and called TRANSITIONAL will only propagate older decisions, not fix them.  Having them as CONTEXTJ is already a workable solution, where they are only (carefully) allowed, where they are needed.


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