Additional thoughts on TRANSITIONAL

Cary Karp ck at
Fri Dec 4 17:45:37 CET 2009

> Redelegations are usually not initiated by governments, and
> redelegations do not require government's approval. Whether a
> government has any legal involvement in their ccTLD varies from 
> country-to-country, some countries have passed laws to nationalise
> the ccTLD but AFAIK most have not.

Are you suggesting that a letter from ICANN along anything vaguely 
resembling the following lines might be conceivable?

Dear Dr. Merkel,

This is to inform you that the current delegation of the .DE top-level 
domain is going to be rescinded due to the failure of its operator to 
comply with the rules about the inclusion of the Esszet in domain names 
devised by a working group of the IETF during the preparation of the 
IDNABIS protocol.

We will redelegate the domain to a new operator of our choosing at the 
same time and you need not be concerned about any interruption in the 
operation of the domain during this process.

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