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2009/12/2 Patrik Fältström <patrik at>

> Google already today "correct" my spellings in a way so that it is
> increasingly (yes, it is getting worse) hard to search for words that are
> correctly spelled in Swedish, but Google think it is a misspelling in
> English.
> I have wanted for some time an ability to turn off Googles "help" ;-)

oh! YES !!!!!


Same in French. One has to become a "LeGogoBingo" professional when one
really wants to use search engines. It is good training for semantic
addressing. LeGogoBingo's value added spelling makes it more and more
difficult to find something precise.

Now, the point we discuss today is to know if we want IDNA to be LeGogoBingo
(Vint, Harald, Keneth, Mark and Shawn) compatible. Keneth explained it would
now be too costly for them to "upgrade". We consensually said "no", so they
need to make us consensually say "yes". IMHO, they should really explain
their problem in basic technical requirements. Even it was biased to ask
engineers from Unicode, Vint wrote to an IBM engineer.

Anyway, we believe we did find a good solution (interplus). We start testing
it. However it will take time as we only are users, have no lab and budget,
speak another language (BTW this is probably why we MUST have a solution).
We, also, have other things to do in life. However we are no fool either:
engineers could come with other/better solution if they were clearly
explained technical requirements rather than to try to become hearsays
linguists. We have very good linguists among "Jefsey disciples" : we try to
make them think as users.

Elisabeth Blanconil.
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