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Peter Dambier peter at peter-dambier.de
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Hello Shawn,

I just come from reading that the IE variety of browsers is only number 2,
in europe at least. I am sure the Firefoxes, number 1 in europe, not to
mention Iceweasels and Operas will update very fast and there is no OS
barrier except for the IEs who operate only on windows.

More important is GNU Libidn and its proposed updates after the rfc's.

Browsers using GNU Libidn will do the right thing as soon as there is
an update.

So I am quite sure mostly all browsers will do the right thing after
the update. Most likely no need to update any of them.

If the IEs do use GNU Libidn then there is no need for an update either.
But sorry I don't have the source.

Really a problem is what becomes of "sz" and how to find it. e.g.


This name could be written with 2 sharp "s", one at the beginning and
another one at the end. How will wikipedia treat it. Typesetters know
only the sz at the end may be replaced by the ligature "sz" or sharp "s"
but as soon as there is a capital sharp "s" it will become peculiar
at least.

Kind regards

Shawn Steele wrote:
> There's been talk of the transition time and lots of mention that IE6
> doesn't support IDNA.  It is probably worth considering that any new
> IDNA2008 behavior (eszett or otherwise) likely won't happen until IE8
> (and at the rate the WG is moving, maybe IE10 :))  As noted with the IE6
> installed base, it is difficult to move the installed base to a "new"
> version (or even a patched version), so there could still be IDNA2003
> browers a decade from now.
> -Shawn
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