Consensus Call on Latin Sharp S and Greek Final Sigma

Michel SUIGNARD Michel at
Tue Dec 1 19:31:34 CET 2009

Maybe surprisingly, I would support option 1) PVALID
It may have to do more with the case of the final sigma which is the
forgotten case here. I think long term we are better with having them,
even if the transition is painful, and I am confident that vendors will
create strategies to cope with it.
Finally I don't understand discussion about disallowing mapping of
PVALID or UNASSIGNED characters. If IDNA 2008 does not include mapping,
any discussions about it is out of scope, and any layers above it is
free to do whatever it pleases before presenting it to the IDNA protocol
layer. That many of us think that these above layers should also have a
somewhat predictable behavior is again out of scope in this WG.


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