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Date: 2009/4/18
Subject: Re: What should I do?
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Dear Nicolas,
I suppose that for having spotted this text you are somebody serious. I am
afraid however you have not worked enough on the matter.

You will note that if you enter ML-DNS in Google you obtain 152000 answers
and 3100 with "ML-DNS".

Actually the notion includes :

1) a TMed word by Bill Semich for .NU (https://datatracker.ietf.org/ipr/225/).

and a product shipped for years described in

2) a common expectation documented in mails on this mailing list. The
definition of reference we use (http://iucg.org/wiki/ML-DNS) is "ML-DNS
means a multilingistic support of the Internet name space. It should strive
to insure everyone, every script and every language the same QoS as the
legacy DNS to English ASCII US users."

3) there is the exploration engaged after Vint said IDNA was not a candidate
for (2). It is based upon previous france at large experimentation and has been
initated as http://ml-dns.org you quote. The work now is concentrating with
the MLTF effort we engaged 2 years ago and various other convergence
projects and initiatives.

We feel that very odd that having in mind :
- to protect the DNS (what MLDNS (tm) may not do, what some IDNA visions do
not do)
- the network stability and to strictly conform to IDNA2008 unless it
violates the Unicode internationalization layers
- because it would violate also the multilingualization layer we understand
as the layer above internationalization
- to respect the Charter and RFC 1958 principle - including end to end
and supporting the latest evolution of the thinking of this WG, we are
spotted as the bad guys. It is like some of us wanted that IDNA2008 is never
published unless it conforms to their most constraining vision.

Rémy Renardin

2009/4/18 Nicolas Krebs <nicolas1.krebs3 at netcourrier.com>

Xavier Legoff:
> > >or that the working group should be pursuing Jefsey Morfin's
> Multilingual
> > DNS ideas
> >
> > There are no “Jefsey Morfin's Multilingual DNS ideas”. “Multilingual DNS”
> > does not make sense in most of the documented understandings of the “DNS”
> > ambivalent term.
> >
> > In ML-DNS (http://ml-dns.org) "ML" stand <http://ml-dns.org/>s for
> > <http://ml-dns.org/>*multi-ledger* (server associated registries on a
> > lingual or application basis), mark-up language for domain names, and
> > multilateral DNS usage in a distributed environment.
> Nice try.
> http://ml-dns.org/ link http://ml-dns.org/appel.htm which link
> http://www.ietf.org/IESG/APPEALS/appeal-morfin-ml-dns.txt .
> Extract: "multilingual version or usage of the DNS (named here ML-DNS)"
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