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Wed Apr 15 01:45:01 CEST 2009

On 15 Apr 2009, at 00:27, Xavier Legoff wrote:

>      1. our multilinguistics background makes us confident that true
> linguists would never accept exceptions that they could not control
> through the application.

I am a "true linguist" and I have confidence in this project, its  
chair, and the consensus we have.

>      2. the IETF has not the vocation nor the linguistic and
> multilinguistic competencies to take on the sole responsibility to
> change and document the orthography of billions of people.

It doesn't. This is nonsense.

>   * conformance with our Internet PLUS (parallelly layered user
> systemic) architectural concept for the support of our own needs and
> of the Internet evolution as introduced in an IUCG Draft that is
> related to the IDNA2008 deployment.

I don't see any reason for us to conform to your architectural concept.

>   * this would make for the easier support of our work on a semantic
> addressing system when the digital ecosystem convergence is meeting
> the semantic emergence.


At this point I think that you are yet another of Morfin's sock  
puppets. His "unique" linguistic constructions include, regularly,  
meaningless phrases like "digital ecosystem convergence is meeting the  
semantic emergence". I am sure that this means just as little in  
French as it does in English.

> - The TATWEEL case
> The introduction of the call for consensus about the TATWEEL issue at
> the protocol level was, therefore, not a surprise. It only confirmed
> that the WG-IDNABIS considered itself legitimate in deciding on
> content syntax, orthography, and semantics, and was not only obliged
> to transparent content network transport.

It *is* legitimate.

> This being said, we wholly resent having had our Chair removed without
> any good reason, to having our serious concerns and loyal actions
> qualified as "fruitless excursions".

He is a troll, in my view and my experience. Evidently I am not alone  
in holding this view.

> Moreover, the WG is several months late on a matter that we billion  
> users consider as
> extraordinarily urgent.

Please do not pretend to speak for a billion users.

Michael Everson *

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