Q1 is mapping on lookup permanent or transitional?

Alexander Mayrhofer alexander.mayrhofer at nic.at
Mon Apr 6 15:01:07 CEST 2009

(sorry for the late reply, i might have missed some discussions, so
please excuse my ignorance / naive view)

> Q1: Should the proposed mapping on lookup in a revised IDNA2008  
> protocol specification be a permanent feature of the protocol or  
> should it have a finite lifetime? Should it be required or optional?

I think that "once something is deployed, it's permanent". Therefore, a
mapping must be a permanent feature that can only deprecated once the
last client is removed from the internet - which i think is impossible.

It should be required. If the user experience changes from one
implementation to another implementation, users will be confused,
disturbed, and will complain.


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