support for Quechua?

Kenneth Whistler kenw at
Sat May 24 02:48:07 CEST 2008


> Just reading about strong increase in Quechua in South America  
> including recent translation of Don Quixote into that language. About  
> 5 M speakers if NY Herald Tribune report is to be believed.
> Do we support this script/language in IDNAbis?

It is no different than hundreds of language orthographies
that make use of the Latin script. (Quechua is not a *script* --
it is a language whose orthography uses the Latin script.)

Quechua basically uses the core Latin alphabet plus ñ (n-tilde)
and apostrophe (to mark ejectives).

So the apostrophe usage is just like the problem posed for
apostrophes in many orthographies. If you write
Quechua with U+02BC MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE, you'd be
fine for IDNAbis. If you write it with U+0027 or U+2019,
your apostrophes would be disallowed.  -- Again, no different
than lots of other Latin orthographies.


and for an easier-to-read summary:


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