Oustanding issues tracking

Shawn Steele Shawn.Steele at microsoft.com
Fri May 23 19:27:15 CEST 2008

Obviously Mark feels there isn't enough transparency about what issues are considered outstanding by the authors.  Since he is a very active participant in other working groups without having this concern, it seems likely that there is a method of achieving a sufficient level of transparency without causing a "denial of service attack.".

I'd suggest that a list of key changes and outstanding issues the authors feel are important be maintained.  For resolved issues a quick note should be made.  This would limit the noise to the actual items the authors were considering (which shouldn't cause a denial of service because they're already working on them).  Such a list would also allow transparency to the rest of the WG so that interested people could see if their item of concern was on the list.

If someone on the mailing list then felt strongly about an item not being on the issues list, they could then ask for it to be included.  If the authors felt that it was too much noise, they could ignore them.

I recognize that tracking issues may cost the authors' some time, however I'd also like to point out that having a bunch of contributors trying to do a diff of a document to discover if something was just a grammatical error or a technical change also collectively wastes a great deal of everyone's time.

- Shawn

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