Punycode & IMA/EAI

John C Klensin klensin at jck.com
Wed May 21 08:01:23 CEST 2008

--On Wednesday, 21 May, 2008 11:15 +0900 Felix Sasaki
<fsasaki at w3.org> wrote:

> Often business cards in Japan (and I assume in other countries
> as well) have two sides, one with information in English, one
> with information in the native language. The mail address
> written on both sides is the same, but sometimes the URI
> (company homepage) is different: English homepage versus
> "native" homepage. So far I have never seen an URI written
> with non-ASCII characters written on a business card, no
> matter which side.

Nor have I.

And, if that trend continues and generalizes, then this entire
IDN exercise (new versions and old) and probably the EAI one are
a waste of time.  For some reason, a lot of people don't believe


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