Remove reference to 4690 from charter

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Tue Mar 18 06:42:05 CET 2008

There is a lot in 4690 that I find problematic, so I don't mind deleting it.
The rationale document is already a much better statement of the issues, and
the main problem is listed in the charter explicitly

   - the tie to a specific (old) version of Unicode.
   - problems with bidi.
   - problems with effective use of some scripts.


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> --On Monday, 17 March, 2008 13:13 -0700 Paul Hoffman
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> > Lisa said:
> >
> >> Here are the TODOs on the charter from the meeting:
> >>  - Consensus to remove reference to 4690 from charter
> >
> > I agree with this move. RFC 4690 did many things at once, and
> > it is not clear that we intend to do every one of those things
> > in this WG.
> I have no objection to removing the 4690 reference from the
> charter. However, no charter draft that I have seen says "solve
> all of the problems and address all of the issues that 4690
> identified" and I'm a little concerned about this level of
> micro-tuning of the charter (whether by removing things or
> specifying additional ones).
> Especially because IDNA is a client-side protocol in which it is
> difficult to test for conformance on the wire, it is, IMO,
> important that the output of this effort identify _why_ things
> are being done and, in essence, why people should conform to the
> standard.   To the extent to which 4690 provides that rationale
> for some of the provisions, it is probably better to have
> informative references to it than to need to replicate all of
> the text.  I hope that remains an acceptable option and that we
> can avoid a model in which people are expected to do things just
> because the IETF says so.  The latter has not worked well with
> IDNA2003; I see no reason to believe it will work any better
> going forward.
>    john
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