A plethora of dots (Re: Comments on protocol-04)

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at alvestrand.no
Tue Mar 4 00:25:03 CET 2008

Erik van der Poel skrev:
>>   >    Other examples of processing for localization that might be applied,
>>   >    if appropriate, at this point (but even further outside the scope of
>>   >    this specification) include interpreting the KANA MIDDLE DOT as
>>   Bad example. Since the Middle dot is allowed currently, it cannot be
>>   treated as a separator.
> A better example might be U+06D4 (ARABIC FULL STOP).
Careful - we have both  MIDDLE DOT (U+00B7) and KATAKANA MIDDLE DOT 
Both are on the "CONTEXT0" list in issues-07.

There's even a CANADIAN SYLLABICS FINAL MIDDLE DOT (U+1427), which is 
not (it's PVALID, since Unicode has declared that it's a letter, not 

Agree that the ARABIC FULL STOP is a better example, because:
1) there are already people arguing that it should be treated like a dot
2) it is not at all visually confusable with a dot - the Unicode book 
makes it look quite similar to the hyphen (U+002D, HYPHEN-MINUS), though 
somewhat more elegant.


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