IDN BOF: Proposed agenda for Philadelphia

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Mon Mar 3 20:58:50 CET 2008

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Name: IDN - Internationalized Domain Names BOF
Date: WEDNESDAY, March 12, 2008
Time: 0900-1130
Place: Franklin
0900: Agenda bash, blue sheet, scribe

0910: Introduction to the IDN revision - John Klensin
- An orientation on the main goals of the revision
- Explanation of the division of labor between standards, registries,
   registrants, lookup implementors and users' common sense

0925: Document review - Issues and Rationale(Klensin)
- Presentation of basic ideas (10 min)
- Questions, answers and clarification (10 min)

0945: Document review - Protocol and Tables (Klensin/Faltstrom)
- Presentation of high points, differences from IDNA2003 (10 min)
- Questions, answers and clarification (10 min)

Note: Discussion of issues with specific characters or scripts
belongs under a later agenda point.

1005: Document review - Bidi (Alvestrand)
- Presentation of concepts, requirements and implications of decisions
(5 min)
- Questions, answers and clarification (15 min)

1025: Charter review (Lisa)
- Explanation of reason for having a working group
- Comments and discussion on the charter

1045: Cultural and linguistic issues that might need addressing at the
protocol level
- Using a script for multiple languages: Arabic/Farsi/Urdu/Uighur
- etc

Please note any specific issues before the meeting, and we can add
them to the list.

1125: Review of action items

1130: Close of meeting

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