Comments on the Unicode Codepoints and IDNA Internet-Draft

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Stephane, the issue might be better stated as "can these characters be so readily used to cause confusionas to merit their banishment at protocol level or warned against at "registration time" at all levels in domain name hierarchy?


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> Just remember that we not only talk about a clueless registry, but a  
> clueless (or a clever) registrant that register 3rd (or 4th) level  
> domains.

I believe that the rationale-01 document uses the word "registry" for
them as well:

   Consequently, any DNS zone administration is
   described as a "registry", regardless of that actual administrative
   arrangements or level in the tree. 

[Which seems the right thing to do to me.]

> Question is, does registration of these characters that are PVALID in  
> -02, but requested to be not so, create harm if registered and used?

No. Characters never harm. And are never "hostile" despite what
protocol-03 says. What will come next? Terrorist characters?

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