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Fri Jul 11 00:56:07 CEST 2008

As far as the tables go, with BCP47 we defined the initial contents of the
language-subtag registry in a document (that became RFC4645) that was
separate from all the 'real' specifications. Once BCP47 went live, and the
contents started being hosted on IANA, the lists in that document were not
necessary, and it was published with the following section:

3.  Initial Registry Contents

   The remainder of this section specified the initial set of records
   for the registry.  This material was deleted on publication of this
   memo, to avoid any potential confusion with the registry itself.  The
   IANA language subtag registry can be found at
   <> under "Language Tags".

I'd suggest doing the same here.

Then we could have three docs:

   - protocol* (incorporates bidi.txt, normative part of tables.txt,
   normative part of rationale.txt)
   - tables* ( the long lists from tables.txt, the context rules, exception
   lists: all to go onto IANA and be updated there with successive versions of
   Unicode and any the Expert Reviewer Committee's changes)
   - rationale* (the non-normative part of rationale, however much we want


> I've no problem with the document structure, and
> long drafts with more than 92 pages can be hard
> to read.  If the bulk of the "tables" would go
> in a IANA registry later, not in the published
> RFC (same idea as in 4645bis, or before in the
> 4645 drafts), joining three I-Ds can make sense.

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