IDN uses unicode because...

Kenneth Whistler kenw at
Tue Jul 8 20:15:50 CEST 2008

Frank Ellermann wrote:

> Shawn Steele wrote:
> >> It is a summary of RFC 5242, but likely readers don't get this
> >> subtle point.  Maybe it could be trimmed to "because no other
> >> alternative for the IDNA purposes exists".
> > This always struck me as being a roundabout dissing of Unicode 
> > for some unknown reason.
> Did you see the publication date of RFC 5242 ?  Finding something
> better requires time travel.
> > "IDNA uses the Unicode character repertoire because its widely
> >  adopted and one of the few globally recognized standards that
> >  encompass the needs of all users".
> "one of the few" instead of "the only" could be also dissing :-)
> > It could also be mentioned that RFC 2277 requires that 
> > standards support Unicode.
> ITYM that RFC 2277 requires support for UTF-8.  The rationale
> draft mentions UTF-8 in conjunction with U-labels, no problem.

For the offending paragraph in section 1.4 of the IDNA Rationale,
how about just deleting all the cutesiness and going with
something *very* straightforward:

IDNA uses the Unicode character repertoire, for continuity
with IDNA2003.

That is more appropriate, IMO, in the rationale document,
than allusions to April 1 RFC's or any statements, positive
or negative about how one judges the status of Unicode as
a standard.


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