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Tue Jul 8 06:49:42 CEST 2008


As Edmond pointed out, the position at present is that:

"Single and two-character U-labels on the top level and second level of a domain name should not be restricted in general."

I personally expect that for applications made as "IDN ccTLD", whether 
"fasttrack" or not, will be reviewed for some "meaning". It is my 
understanding however, that in general, an application for a generic TLD 
is not, in the plan of record, presently reviewed for "meaning", at 
least, not in any sense that would preclude a single Unicode glyph.

Example, the Cree character for the "i" vowel (a delta triangle), 
encoded as xn--zce, is a "single character", and has no "sense" other 
than a vowel, is allowable, as is the ascii character sequence "iii", 
which also has no "sense" other than a (repeated) vowel.

Your milage may vary, etc.


Ted Hardie wrote:
> At 9:25 AM -0700 7/7/08, michael.dillon at wrote:
>>> However, many concepts in modern Chinese
>> dialects require multiple syllables to express them and
>> therefore multiple characters to write them. So there isn't
>> really a one to one mapping of word, syllable, concept as
>> many people suppose.
> While there may not be a one-to-one mapping of word,
> character, and concept every time, there are many words
> and concepts which can be given (and commonly given)
> in a single character.  Forcing  those to use multiple characters
> to get around a policy limitation may introduce, rather than reduce confusion. 
> Why would we want to insist on that?
> 				Ted
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