Casefolding Sigma (was: Re: IDNAbis Preprocessing Draft)

Martin Duerst duerst at
Sat Jan 26 10:57:22 CET 2008

Hello Cary,

At 03:07 08/01/25, Cary Karp wrote:

>While we're arguing about the final form sigma, representatives of
>national governments are busy considering localized representations of
>the names of their countries specifically for use as IDN labels. What
>happens when Cyprus is under consideration and the Cypriots wonder why
>everybody else has the option of considering the full name of their
>country, spelled correctly to boot?  (And whatever the answer to that
>question is, if the constraint happened to be felt elsewhere, would we
>be equally willing to convey the same message to a larger and more
>influential speech community that might be inclined to consider a
>localized proprietary alternative?)

For Latin domain names, countries are all identified by codes.
While that also has some disadvantages, it has a lot of advantages:
- They are shorter, thus faster to type.
- They are potentially less politically charged, thus less
  subject to change than full names (TDLs should NOT change).
- They are easily identified as country TLDs by their length.
Are such short codes being considered at all? In parallel with
full names? Or did you mean that Cypros is looking at getting
the equivalent of Cs in Greek for their TLD?

Regards,    Martin.

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