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On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 7:35 PM, Patrik Fältström <patrik at> wrote:

> On 22 apr 2008, at 22.40, Mark Davis wrote:
>  But as above, their program just won't let them access labels
> > that incorporate any changes in the tables, not just exceptional changes
> >
> Just three short things that I think capture the difference between your
> and mine view.
> Yes, it will capture changes based on assignment of earlier unassigned
> codepoints as the algorithm is based on an algorithm based on the Unicode
> Properties, and not a table.

I  didn't say that the table algorithm wouldn't catch them. I said that
*non-updated applications* wouldn't update them.

No, it will not capture later additions of unassigned codepoints to the
> exception table. What is needed is "only" that the Unicode versions are
> updated, and that happens when the operating system is updated. Much more
> likely than software / application updated.

I do not forsee many applications actually generating the tables from
Unicode properties; that's not the way most OSs deal with derived Unicode
properties. Instead, they load in pre-built data associated with the
release. And if we do this the right way, the exception data would be staged
concurrent with each Unicode release. So I don't see this as making any
practical difference.

> My statement on interest from application creators to include filters in
> their applications are coming from, well, application creators. They want to
> do implement these filters.

For us to assess the importance of this, versus the many other competing
requirements, we have to actually hear from those application creators;
there has to be a dialog where we hear what their problems are, and why they
think that this is the way to solve those problems.

Last issue, noone want software to "never be updated". But applications are
> much more seldom updated than what anyone wants. Unfortunately.


>   Patrik

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