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Sarmad Hussain sarmad.hussain at nu.edu.pk
Fri Apr 4 17:04:20 CEST 2008

Dear All,


Updated document version 1.01 including feedback from Sinhala from Sri Lanka is now available at http://www.panl10n.net/english/DetailIDN.htm.  The community feedback on Sinhala agrees with the output of the protocol algorithm.  


The document has also been updated for Dzongkha languages, with TSEG “syllable” separator is requested as PVALID (instead of DISALLOWED, through the exception list, as also recently pointed out by Ken on this list) and the separator code updated to 0F14, as per discussions on the list and off it (including discussion with Dzongkha and Tibetan partners of PAN L10n project).  


I also have a question: 


Should the composed forms be DISALLOWED if the decomposed forms are valid?  It seems to be the case in some languages but not the case in some others.  For example, as indicated in the subject document, some Arabic script letters are PVALID both in their composed and decomposed forms, while in Bengali and some other languages the composed forms are DISALLOWED and decomposed forms of the same are PVALID.  Is this and “inconsistency” or expected behavior.  






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