06FD and 06FE should be PVALID for Sindhi

Mark Davis mark.davis at icu-project.org
Tue Apr 1 20:54:51 CEST 2008

The fact that it is used in text doesn't necessarily mean that the
General_Category has to be Letter, any more than it does for similar
elements in other scripts, including:

U+0026 AMPERSAND  gc=Po

Or, for that matter, for characters like apostrophe, as in the name
"L'Oreal" or the word "can't".

Even if the consortium were to decide that they should have the category
Letter, It is far too late for any change in Unicode 5.1. The window of
opportunity for property changes in 5.1 closed about 2 months ago: it's due
to be released this Friday.

If there is sufficient evidence that they must be in IDNs (which is related
to, but different from, evidence that they are used in flowing text), then
they should go into the exception list.

This is just a personal opinion -- we can put a discussion of this on the
agenda for the next UTC so that the consortium can respond.

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