UTC Agenda Item: IDNA proposal

Sam Vilain sam.vilain at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Nov 23 23:13:30 CET 2006

John C Klensin wrote:
>> Well, have a good time in São Paulo.  Note that Guaraní,
>> spoken in Paraguay and nearby countries, is one of those
>> languages that use the apostrophe as a phoneme.  So go find an
>> Paraguayan representative and ask him how important the "puso"
>> is to writing words in their language :-).
> Partially to give you a better understanding of the issues here,
> let me try to explore this one by example.   If the character
> that is required is "an apostrophe", especially an apostrophe
> that NFKC maps into ASCII 27 (U+0027), then my guess is that it
> won't happen, regardless of the language impact.  The principle
> that internationalization doesn't impact the ASCII characters
> that were not included in the LDH list (what was banned, stays
> banned) and the interactions with programming and command
> languages are just too great.  On the other hand, if there is an
> appropriate apostrophe-look-almost-alike that is NFKC invariant,
> and we can eliminate "apostrophe" from our vocabulary in talking
> about it, I don't see much problem.

Any of these perhaps?

ʼ | U+2bc | modifier letter apostrophe
ʻ | U+2bb | modifier letter turned comma
ˀ | U+2c0 | modifier letter glottal stop

I'm not sure what "modifier" is supposed to mean, but these aren't
combining or anything like that. The Nameprep implementation I have here
doesn't touch those, but I haven't got a normative NFKC function going
yet to check that, if it's any different.
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