2.16.840.101.3.3 - Information Object Security Project

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OID value: 2.16.840.101.3.3

OID description:
This is an arc. {joint-iso-ccitt(s) country(16) us(840) gov(101) csor(3) iosp(3)}

csor is the Computer Security Objects Register at NIST
iosp is arc for the ARPA/USAirForce Information Object Security project.
The IOS project is a multi-year effor to investigate and develop advanced security services to the Internet sponsored by the Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) and the Air Force. The architecture developed consists of sequences of components specified in ASN.1. Each component, and subsequent sub-type, carries an object identifier. Most of the components are directly security related, e.g. the confidentialityComponent. Other components are indirectly security related to the extent that they support the definition of the parent object.

There are currently 20 objects registered under this arc.

URsL for further info:
http://ests.bbn.com, ftp://ests.bbn.com/pub/outgoing/ios_docs

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