1.2.840.113533.7.68.10 - attribute certificate

Submitted by j.onions at nexor.co.uk from host trident.nexor.co.uk ( on Wed Sep 10 09:34:55 METDST 1997 using a WWW entry form.

OID value: 1.2.840.113533.7.68.10

OID description:
Attribute representing an entrust attribute certificate

attributeCertificate ::= ATTRIBUTE {
	WITH SYNTAX AttributeCertificate
	ID id-nsn-at-attributeCertificate

AttributeCertificate ::= SIGNED { AttributeCertificateInfo }

AttributeCertificateInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
	owner CHOICE {
		baseCertificateID	[0] IssuerSerial,
		entitiyName		[1] Name
	issuer Name,
	number CertificateSerialNumber,
	validity Validity,
	attributes SEQUENCE OF Attribute,
	issuerUniqueID UniqueIdentifier OPTIONAL

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